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Highster Mobile
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Stealth / Undetectable
OS supported
Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile iPhone, Android iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia/Symbian, Computer
View History

Call monitoring, recording and restriction

Call History

Call Logs, Browsing History
View Text Messages / MMS



View Emails
View Instant Messages

Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Social Network, Viber chats

WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, iMessage, Twitter, WeChat, LineChat

WhatsApp, iMessages, Live Chat
View Media Files



GPS Tracking

and Location Without GPS
View Calendar
View Address Book

Activities, Contacts


Contact Logging
Remote Control
Apps Control

Application blocking, Keylogger

Remote Uninstall
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Spy Software Applications

Nowadays a cell phone is one of the most essential things in a person's daily life. There is hardly anyone who still uses landlines only and is not online at the same time. In fact, a cell phone has become an object of private possession as much as one's toothbrush or car keys. However, it is also more than that - a cell phone contains a great deal of personal information. Surely, it is supposed to be accessed by its owner only but there are situations when one's smartphone should be tracked down and here is where various mobile tracking applications come useful.

Such applications are usually used in cases when parents are concerned about their kids, employers about wellbeing of their company and loyalty of their workers, and in some cases by partners who are unsure of their spouses. One of the major benefits of cell phone spy apps is that they can be installed and work in a stealth mode without raising a suspicion of a cell phone owner that their phone is tracked.

It is really convenient for parents of teenagers who do not want to seem overly protective or impose too much control but need to know where kids spend time with, how and in what company. Usage of mobile tracking apps reduces the chances for a conflict between generations - teenagers and kids stay with the feeling of being independent and parents know that they have nothing to be worried about.

The same can be said about using cell phone tracking apps at working places - the knowledge of being monitored reduces the risk of cheating at work. Spouses also benefit, especially if there is ground for doubt.

Mobile tracking applications have many features that include basic ones - call and text tracking, for instance; as well as optional ones such as the recording of surroundings and GPS tracking. The latter is especially useful is case of kids and even senior parents that can get lost.

There are many various applications to track a cell phone and they also offer different features. It is easy to find the one that will cover all your tracking needs; however, it is recommended to check the compatibility of the application with your cell phone first as some models are not supported by some companies as well as some features. (For instance, BlackBerry chats monitoring option is not offered by all spyware application providers.)

The second thing to remember about mobile tracking applications is that in order to work properly, they require constant internet access; otherwise the data you get won’t be full and complete.

Mobile tracking software allows access to a person's private data, in this respect companies warn their users that the owners of the tracked devices should be notified in advance in order to avoid misunderstandings. Still, these applications are very helpful in many ways and are able to prevent potential undesired situations, especially in case of kids and parents. If used wisely, mobile spy apps can be of great assistance.

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