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UK Secret Services


In accordance with the Encyclopedia Britannica 1911 spies should be disguised in order to be actually considered a spy. In fact, even in a war time and even in an enemy territory. In the time of peace a person is considered a spy when he or she actually collects valuable classified information on behalf of some other country.

Right now in the UK there are more than 20 intelligence services that try to get British valuable information and taking into consideration technological progress and advancements, it seems that surveillance business has become much easier; or not. Surely, the UK has something to response with.


During the time of the Second World War there were more than 20 MI agencies (Military Intelligence sections) and all of them took care of some specific area of intelligence:

  • MI1 Code breaking
  • MI2 Russia and Scandinavia
  • MI3 Eastern Europe
  • MI4 Aerial Reconnaissance
  • mirror spy
  • MI5 Domestic Intelligence (present The Security Service)
  • MI6 Foreign Intelligence (present the Secret Intelligence Service)
  • MI7 Propaganda and censorship
  • MI8 Signals Intelligence (Military Communication Interception)
  • MI9 Undercover operations with the support of POW
  • MI10 Weapons and technical analysis
  • MI11 Field Intelligence
  • MI12 Military Censorship
  • MI13 Remains Classified up until now – or as others say, it has never been because of a prejudice.
  • MI14 German Intelligence
  • MI15 Aerial Photography
  • MI16 Scientific Intelligence, was formed in 1945
  • MI17 Secretarial section, or the "Head Office"
  • MI18 Remains Classified up until now
  • MI19 Extraction of information from foreign POWs
  • MI20 - MI25 remain Classified up until now.

Surely, most of them got disbanded after the war as they have completed their assignments and were no longer needed in such a scale. However, the rest of the functioning agencies organized two major MI agencies that take care of the country's matters both at home and abroad. They are MI5 and MI6. There are also GCHQ and other services but the aforementioned two are the ones that matter most.


mi5 spy agency

MI5 is also known under the name of the Security Service and it is the UK's national security intelligence agency. Its purposes are to prevent various threats to the country and it dates back to 1909. This is a large scale organization that deals with various types of organized threats such as terrorism and espionage, cyber as well as weapons of mass destruction spread prevention.

The agency has got 9 subdivisions, each of which deals with some specific threat or area. The agency is run by Director General Andrew Parker and its headquarters are in London, at Thames House. There are also 8 regional offices throughout the country as well.


spy bug detector

MI6, or the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), is the MI agency that works and carried surveillance abroad and its purpose is collect valuable information for the UK. This is the place where British spies work and it is located at Vauxhall Cross in London under the charge of Alex Younger.

MI6's task is to guarantee the UK safety and security by working in a discreet mode in various places abroad and by doing so preventing various potential outside threats.

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